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Tool Management in the Cloud

Who does ToolPal work for?
Manufacturing operations that want to bank on a high performance Toolmanagement.
Tool distributors willing to deliver Value Added Services in terms of tool supply or in terms of technology management to their customers.

Who benefits from ToolPal?
» Industrial Engineering is always aware of which tool may be used for a certain part on a certain machine.
» NC-planning builds 3D-assemblies for NC-verification.
» The tool crib knows anytime where a certain tool is located and in which condition it is.
» Manufacturing reduces down-times, because the right tool is put in place at the right time.


The features of ToolPal are grouped in three packages:

  • “Engineering" to support industrial engineering, tool selection and tool layouts.

  • Shop floor“ to control and monitor tool flow on the shop floor.

  • Supply Chain“ to support procurement and inbound logistics of tool components.

Pick from these packages only those features that you really need and configure your personalized toolmanagement system.


               "ToolPal is Service, not Software!
                No need for you to buy, install or
                    maintain any software."


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